Staff will enjoy the ease of use.
  • No software, No integration, No USB cords, No training
  • SAVE and review ALL images on the large 5" touch screen
  • Import from SD Card to ANY practice management software
  • Print images for patient, or save copies in paper chart

DrQuickLook products are Made in the USA, built to last, and reflect over 34 years of insight and practical experience. Because one of the co-founders is a practicing dentist, we understand the importance of quick and efficient customer service. We strive to provide honest service, are kind and courteous, and react promptly to customer needs.

“I spoke with you at the Hinman Meeting relative to DrQuicklook™. My experience has been: First: It’s Quick! Second: Patient looks and understands their problem! Third: Patient accepts your treatment recommendation normally with few questions or discussion! It is simple, quick and one of the best investments I have ever made that helps the patient understand recommended treatment.”

Philip E. Turner, D.D.S. Shelby, NC