All-in-One, Portable, No USB Cord, No Software and It's EASY!

The power is in the patient holding the SD Plus viewer, instantly taking ownership of dental problems!

The major advantage is that NO computer is necessary when the patient is in the chair for imaging. You can save and review all images on the large 5" viewer display... Nothing sells dentistry like SD Plus.

Works Out of the Box

Without Computer do Live Video, Freeze, Zoom and Save before, during and after treatment images. Patients instantly become more involved. It's easy, anyone can do it.

Review Saved Images

Click and review ALL saved images on memory card with ONLY the SD Plus™ unit. Draw on screen and save as well. Clear and reuse memory card countless times, it's that easy!

Save to Electronic Chart

Save images to ANY practice software with charts. Email, support insurance claim or print. Adapter included for computers with no SD Card slot. See product page for details.


                                         The Power is the Patient Holding the SD Plus, Instantly Taking Ownership of Dental Problems