SD PLUS™ Intraoral Camera System and much more! 

All-in-One and Portable, Works out of the Box with NO Software Integration to SAVE Images 

Just turn it ON, imaging starts right away so you can immediately take, save and review images with patient in the chair.
    With NO software integration, USB cord or IT services needed. NO complications like software integrated USB cameras.  
      PLUS, touch screen, draw on screen, extraoral camera on back, time-date stamping, HD, long battery life, PE videos - slides, and more.


      Patients almost diagnose themselves, show calculus, fractures, cavities, loose fillings, food deposits and more.
      Document, Print, Email or Submit Images with Insurance Claims 
      Perfect for Electronic or Paper Charts, easily save dental records with SD PLUS. 
        Made in America - FDA Approved Medical Devices

        Watch Videos to learn more about DrQuickLook SD PLUS™