No USB Cords, No Install, It's Easy!

Patients Love Holding it... Seeing is Believing... Easily Increase Case Acceptance!

Hand mirrors aren't effective, traditional IOC's can be cumbersome to use. The advantage of using SD Plus is that NO computer is necessary when the patient is in the chair for imaging, saving and reviewing saved images on the display. If computers or printer are present, the images can be transferred or printed at any convenient time, easily and quickly. Everyone knows how to get images from a camera to computer. You can reuse the memory card countless times. Staff and patients love it, also perfect for Hygiene. Save countless images to ANY practice management software you presently use to document.

Works Right Out of the Box

Without Computer do Live Survey, Freeze, Zoom and Save before, during and after treatment images with Intraoral and Extraoral cameras. It's easy, anyone can do it.

Review All Saved Images

Click and review ALL saved images on memory card with ONLY the SD Plus™ unit. Draw on screen and save as well. Clear and reuse memory card countless times, it's that easy!

Or Save to Electronic Chart

Save images to ANY practice software with patient electronic charts, NO integration required. Email, attach to insurance claim or print pictures for patient charts. It's easy!


“I spoke with you at the Hinman Meeting relative to DrQuicklook™. My experience has been: First: It’s Quick! Second: Patient looks and understands their problem! Third: Patient accepts your treatment recommendation normally with few questions or discussion! It is simple, quick and one of the best investments I have ever made that helps the patient understand recommended treatment.”

Philip E. Turner, D.D.S. Shelby, NC