The World's Simplest Intraoral Cameras!
Proudly Made in the USA

What Makes DrQuickLook So Effective?
No USB Cords, No Software Integration
  • Not dependent on computers to use ALL the features
  • Review all saved images with large 5" touch screen
  • Or use the SD Card to import with ANY practice management software
  • Or use the SD Card to quickly print images
Patients See What You See
  • Patients hold the unit and immediately become more involved
  • Show cracked tooth, broken filling, plaque deposits, cavities and more
  • Increase revenues due to higher case acceptance

“I spoke with you at the Hinman Meeting relative to DrQuicklook™. My experience has been: First: It’s Quick! Second: Patient looks and understands their problem! Third: Patient accepts your treatment recommendation normally with few questions or discussion! It is simple, quick and one of the best investments I have ever made that helps the patient understand recommended treatment.”

Philip E. Turner, D.D.S. Shelby, NC

Staff will appreciate how EASY it is to use!

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