Visually Inspiring Patients to say YES to Treatment!
Why SD Plus™ is PERFECT for any Office!

Works WITH or WITHOUT Computer!

SD Plus™ is an EASY multifunction device anyone can use. Patients quickly "SEE what you SEE", creating a sense of urgency to Fix the Problem, or FUTURE problems. Quickly show patients calculus, fractures, cavities, loose fillings and more. Instantly increases case acceptance and also prefect for showing patients after treatment results!

SD Plus™ Models Only Available Direct Through DrQuickLook

Works out of the Box

Without Computer, with Patient do Live Survey, Freeze, Zoom and Save before, during and after treatment images.

Without Computer

Instantly review ALL saved images with only SD Plus™. Patients quickly take ownership of their dental problems.

When do I use my Computer?

Save Images to ANY computer with ANY practice management software. SD memory card is removable and reusable. No integration is required.

Just USE IT and practice revenues increase! ROI is VERY FAST! Also perfect for instantly increasing revenue from Hygiene room

“I spoke with you at the Hinman Meeting relative to DrQuicklook™. My experience has been: First: It’s Quick! Second: Patient looks and understands their problem! Third: Patient accepts your treatment recommendation normally with few questions or discussion! It is simple, quick and one of the best investments I have ever made that helps the patient understand recommended treatment.”

Philip E. Turner, D.D.S. Shelby, NC