SD PLUS™ Intraoral Camera... and more! 

Multiple Features, Saves Images, Draw on Screen, and it's Portable


SD PLUS is ideally sized and perfect for patients holding it. As a result accepting treatment and saying YES is easier for the patient. Showing the patient what you see is easier than trying to explain it. Nothing in the world is easier to use!

Show, Explain and Educate Patients so more... Say YES!

Works right out of the box with no installation needed. Effectively take and review all saved images chairside with patient.
PLUS, HD touch screen, draw on screen, extraoral camera, time-date stamping, long battery life, PE videos-slides, and more.


Show calculus, fractures, cavities, loose fillings, food deposits and more.

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Quickly transfer images to ANY practice management software, Print, Email or Submit Images with Insurance Claims. Standard JPEG images with reusable SD Memory card makes transferring in seconds, EASY!
     Still using paper charts? Save images to ANY computer, create a file/folder with patients name and print, email and save FOREVER!
      Made in America - FDA Approved Medical Devices

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