Portable Dental Assistant

The New DrQuickLookTM PDA

Intraoral & Extraoral Imaging with Facial Recognition

Over 60 optional Patient Education Videos

Reduce Liability with Clinical and Post Op Videos

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The Ultimate Show and Tell Device that's Easy!

Designed with features we guarantee will increase case acceptance and improve patient care. While the features are very comprehensive, the concept is simple and easy to follow, allowing staff and patients to participate together.

Easy to Use, Guaranteed

Patients will appreciate seeing images, and even more… dental staff will embrace it.

We're here to help, but like our customers have learned, once you use it, we're sure you'll agree there's nothing to it.

About DrQuickLook

Proven Productive

  • Self-training is easy with no added software. Keep using your present practice management software. If still using paper charts, saving patients with images is now available and easy.
  • Save thousands of images by name, review, draw, quad view and more right on the PDA. The ultimate "show and tell device". Case acceptance will soar.
  • Optional patient education videos that are each 90 seconds or less.
  • Includes comprehensive informed consents and post op videos so patients focus on critical and consistent information.
  • Use your present in office Wi-Fi to transfer in seconds to network folder, or with the included thumb drive directly to patient chart. Submit with insurance claims, email images to anyone, and much more.
The All-in-One Tablet

Make it part of the team

Sometimes patients simply don't understand, save everyone valuable time while engaging your patients and increasing treatment acceptance. The Portable Imaging Assistant will help create a synergy between patient and staff. Imaging and educating just got a lot easier!

Dr. Robert Clark, Co-Inventor of Mazi PDA

No other device works this well chairside, after intraoral imaging is complete and the patient “sees what you see” educating them with our extensive PE video library is a must. Once treatment is accepted use our clinical videos to complete informed consent and help them better understand post op instructions to reduce your liability and improve their care.

About Dr. Clark

Affordable and Effective

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Imaging and Educating just got Easier

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