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Intraoral cameras have proven time and again the most powerful tool for increasing case acceptance and engaging patients. DrQuickLook is the ultimate portable device for mobility and staff that prefer an easy to use intraoral camera system. What's more, patients hold their own dental problems in their hands which increases case acceptance with less effort for Doctor and staff!

From low-tech to high-tech offices the Chairside PDA Tablet will increase practice revenue. Even better, nothing is faster or more effective with patients. Every dental office regardless of it's technology level will appreciate the pre-loaded software with large touch screen buttons. 60-Day Risk Free Trial with money back guarantee if not satisfied!

Patients see what you see

Quickly show patients what you see and increase case acceptance without wasting valuable time.

Portable with easy transfer

Use it stand alone or transfer by name to ANY computer, network or ANY practice software for records.

Display in operatories

Display clear crisp images on the PDA, or transfer and use large computer or TV monitors.

Use your present technology

Save, print, email and more using your existing computers and printers, don't change a thing in your office.

Don't forget the hygienists

Intraoral/extraoral imaging made easy for hygienists and staff while being educational for patients.

We're here to help

From product information to technical support, we are always available to assist you at NO extra cost.

Works independently or with your present technology!

Immediate chairside imaging and case acceptance with easy transfer for saving or displaying on larger monitors


Why Do Thousands of Dental Offices Choose DrQuickLook?

“It was very easy to get started with absolutely no training required. My dental assistants, hygienist, and I were comfortable immediately. I use it multiple times each day in the office and my case acceptance rate has soared.”

Dr. Robert Fields, Van Nuys, CA

“We have made it our focus to develop products that truly work out of the box and can be implemented in ANY dental office without resistance from staff or timely training. The Chairside PDA Tablet provides a suite of features that allows an increased level of patient care and time savings for the Doctor and Staff.”

Dr. Robert Clark, Co-Founder of DrQuickLook

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reliable & portable Intraoral and Extraoral imaging patient education, practice protection and more. Nothing in the world is easier - Guaranteed

Just turn one ON and get started - YES it's that EASY!
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