DrQuickLook PDA. Portable Dental Assistant

DrQuickLook PDA.  Portable Dental Assistant.  That is the name of our newest product that will be introduced in the fall of 2016.  Our concept of an intraoral camera tied to a tablet that the patient holds in their own hands is taken to a new level.  The image quality is phenomenal.  The Microsoft Surface 3 tablet allows us to create a whole new world of innovation to save time and enhance the quality of the things we do as dentists.  That seems hard to believe but it’s absolutely true.  I use my own practice as a testing ground to sort out what things can be done more efficiently using DrQuickLook PDA. 

We have spent hours making our website DrQuickLook.com into a place where everyone can see our new product and all the features.  I know you will be amazed.  When we were developing the DrQuickLook PDA we used the word amazing so often that we decided to nickname it Mazi.  The heart of the system is a software program that is made to be comprehensive yet easy to use.  I refer to it as a “pushbutton paradise”.  As with any of our products I have yet to sit down and train a staff member.  The minute they begin to use it, they train themselves.  I always make a unit available to take home if needed.

In the next few months, I will be gathering a lot of tips that I will share with owners and future purchasers.  Stay tuned.  Things are just getting started.

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