Overcoming the Language Barrier

A Comforting Voice in an Uncertain Situation

  When I recently took a vacation to a place where the native language was not my own, I thought of how it would be without a guide to help me navigate the unknown.  That’s what many people face in dental offices where there can be language barriers right here in the U.S. Throw in the fact that dentistry is involved and things really get well, uneasy to say the least.  DrQuickLook PDA has informed consents and post-op instruction videos in Spanish as well as English for extractions, root canals and implants.  Throw in videos with information on temporary crowns as well as TMJ disorders and you can feel assured you have achieved a higher level of understanding when language is a problem.  Concise but comprehensive, these videos educate the patient as well as to provide you necessary medicolegal protection.  Bring consistency to your routine as well as saving valuable assistant time.  This is just one of many DrQuickLook smart practice advantages.

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