Patient Acceptance - The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

A patient recently had endodontic treatment in my office on tooth #14.  Typical – pain, classic radiographic presentation and early swelling.  We finished the tooth but the patient returned with complaint of cold in that area.  I think he was convinced that the treatment had somehow not been successful.  We isolated cold sensitivity on the lower left and elected to replace the filling on tooth #18.  My patient – still not sure that the issue is not related to the root canal tooth.  I followed my same old DrQuickLook™ routine. The assistant takes a before image prior to treatment then after the filling is removed I take an image prior to restoring the tooth.  

I showed the patient the source of the cold sensation.  Not only did he understand that the upper tooth had nothing to do with his symptoms but he also now knows that:

  • This tooth needs more treatment
  • It’s possible this tooth may be lost
  • My job is to do the best I possibly can under the circumstances.

DrQuickLook gives me the ability to quickly set the record straight sometimes without any conversation.  In this case this image gives the patient the same amount of information as I get.  We’re all in it together.  The patient.  Me.  DrQuickLook.

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