Return of the Hand Mirror

I know, it kind-of sounds like the title for a horror movie – dental style.  The dental hand mirror - a simple hand mirror that now resides in a dental office - still has a presence in dental operatories in the U.S. as well as around the world.  Now that’s really scary.  In the age of tech, how can this happen?  First of all, it’s simple.  No explanation needed!  Second, in offices where intraoral cameras fell on their collective faces, the dental hand mirror made its way back into the operatory because it’s – well, simple.

We talk with countless dentists who have intraoral cameras.  The next question is how often they use it and the most common answer is not often.  That’s code for never.  The conversation then shifts to the location (usually a closet), then to what is now being used.  You guessed it – the dental hand mirror.

So how do we get rid of this denizen of the dental world?  Try replacing it with something that’s – well, simple.  That’s the perfect entry point for DrQuickLook™. It’s easy to use, uncomplicated and works right out of the box. If it were any simpler, it would be – well, a dental hand mirror.  Whether you have the plain dental hand mirror or the deluxe two-sided dental hand mirror, the perfect replacement is DrQuickLook™.  It will show your patient all the things they have been missing.

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