The Advantages of Dental Image Portability

Communication is vital in the dental office setting.  However, in the interest of patient confidentiality, we have created barriers in the form of walls to keep our conversations private.  Each operatory has become a space in which to initiate discussions about personal patient care without informing the other patients nearby.  HIPPA regulations are a constant reminder of our obligation to limit information to those who are legally involved in patient treatment.

There are situations throughout our day which require review and informed consent from those who are not in the patient dental setting.  Children are often seen individually with the parent or guardian waiting in the reception area or being treated in another operatory.  Using DrQuickLook™, it is easy to capture an image on screen and walk to the responsible party to review a dental issue.  The image can make necessary treatment come to life and ensure full understanding of the situation.  Discussion time is reduced and treatment acceptance is drastically increased.

As my practice is aging (as am I), I am seeing a larger group of elderly patients who are not fully competent and are brought to the office by a family member or guardian.  Displaying an image in a setting away from the patient where a frank discussion can be held creates a much different atmosphere than chairside.  While each patient should be informed of treatment regardless of their comprehension, the caretaker is ultimately responsible for their care as well as their transportation.  DrQuickLook™ makes these situations far more professional for all those involved.  From a medico legal aspect, the greater the level of understanding, the less the chance of any misunderstanding that could lead to legal intervention.

To the best of my knowledge, I do not know of any viewing device that does any of the above as easily, accurately, individually and quickly as DrQuickLook™.   This unique feature can be a big asset every single day of our practice lives.

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