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We have been using DrQuickLook PDA in my office for at least a month but recently gave it up for a convention.  After having extracted a tooth on a patient, I decided to hang around to hear the post op instructions.  Good thing I did.  I need to share some blame here.  The assistant is my most recent hire and very green.  In the past the assistants have trained each other without my intervention.  Things have obviously changed without my being aware of it.  When this assistant began with no spitting, I thought “OK, I usually start with the gauze info but we are good so far”.  Next she related how to keep your head over the sink and let the blood drip from the corner of your mouth.  At that point, I reviewed the remainder of the information with the patient.  So where did things go wrong?  Pretty much everywhere but having the DrQuickLook PDA would have solved everything and saved everyone a lot of time.  In the training phase for the PDA each assistant takes the unit home until they have watched all the videos so this would have made my assistant “question ready”.  As I walked away, I began to think about what is being said for informed consents and other procedures we do.  The good news – my DrQuickLook PDA is back.  Problem solved!

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