Obvious to Dentists - Not Always so Obvious to Patients

It Seems So Obvious...

             As dentists and highly trained staff members, many times dental problems and solutions seem so obvious to us.  In those cases, we neglect to consider that the patient has very little exposure to dental issues.  This lack of exposure makes it difficult for patients to visualize the issue – even a simple one – based on our verbal description. This often leads to procrastination in treatment.

For example, today an elderly patient arrived with a complaint of a gum problem secondary to food abrasion – or at least that’s what she thought.  I examined the patient and found a calculus outcropping that extended gingivally and was surrounded by irritated tissue.  I explained the problem to my patient’s caretaker (her daughter) and she seemed to understand.  At the last second, I decided to use the DrQuickLook PDA to show the image to her daughter.  She still seemed a little unsure of the calculus bar that nearly surrounded the neck of the tooth.  DrQuickLook PDA has a great DRAW feature that I used to carefully outline the problem area on the image with my stylus, which finally resolved the confusion.  “Now I see,” was the response that guaranteed me the problem was clearly defined and treatment could now proceed.  The finished image the DrQuickLook PDA provides – that justified the cost and urgency. 

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