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DrQuickLook Intraoral Camera PDA Tablet with Patient Education Videos and 10.8" Touch Screen


ADD over 60 Patient Education Videos to the PDA Tablet for a one time charge of $400. These videos save everyone time, delivers consistent information and boosts revenue. Best of all, NO integration or recurring fees!

DrQuickLook Intraoral Camera PDA Tablet Combination with 10.8" Touch Screen


Preloaded with easy software, just touch the screen to get started. Works with or without other computers so no integration is needed. Self contained and portable, you don't even need computers in your operatories, transfer images by name to ANY single computer or ANY practice software in the world! 

DrQuickLook SD PLUS™ Intraoral Camera System WITH Patient Education and 5" Touch Screen


DrQuicklook SD PLUS™ with (accessories included) Patient Education Package (see list below) allows you to choose from 31 patient education videos with a "touch of the screen". Use its on-board speaker or standard headphones to hear audio. This tool helps patients understand the procedure and clearly justifies costs. Gain huge ROI...

DrQuickLook SD PLUS™ Intraoral Camera System with 5" Touch Screen


DrQuicklook SD PLUS™ (accessories included) Intraoral HD Camera with 6 super bright LEDs allows you to Live survey, capture, draw on screen, zoom, and save countless "time-date" stamped images and review chairside right on the SD PLUS. Transfer in no time with reusable SD Card, it's EASY! Create trust and transparency as...

Original Intraoral Viewer with 3.5" Screen

$599.99 $539.99

DrQuicklook Original Intraoral Viewer (See more details below) is the perfect tool for displaying images one at a time to patients. This model does NOT save images, it's simply for show and tell for one image at a time. Its 1.3 MP camera and 3.5” LCD screen lets your patients view high...

USB Connected Intraoral Camera - PDA


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase)  Intuitive high definition intraoral camera specifically designed for the PDA.   2MP Intraoral Camera CMOS HD Resolution Up to 1024x768 Optical Lens/6 LED's/ Fixed Focus Focus Range 3-60mm View Angle 80 Degrees

Custom Protective Surround Case


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) Perfect to help prevent damage if dropped. Easy to access plugs for camera wand, USB port, charger port and more. Perfect for docking camera wand. Best of all it’s lightweight and comfortable for patients or staff holding it. Tablet Not Included

Keyboard - PDA


(Optional) Surface 3 Type Cover has the feel of a fully functioning laptop keyboard. The click-in keyboard comes in black with bright, backlit keys.

Extra Charger with Plug - SD PLUS


Extra countertop charger Perfect for a hygiene room or 2nd operatory room.

(Package of 10) 2 GB General Use SD Cards


Do you need extra SD Cards? 2 GB Reusable General Use SD Memory Card Capture hundreds of patient images Assistant or office staff can easily load to patient file(s) Includes user tips for how to use SD card day to day

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