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Stylus & Ball Point Pen (2 in 1)


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) A simple twist of the slender plastic barrel makes for a reliable ballpoint pen, the other end has a stylus for use with the DrQuickLook PDA touch screen, as well as other touch screen devices.

USB Extension Cord


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) USB port not easy to reach on your computer? This three foot USB extension cord makes it easy to load images to your computer using the thumb drive without having to bend down or get on your knees.

8GB USB Thumb Drive for PDA


(INCLUDES 2 with PDA purchase) 2 in 1 USB 2.0 / Micro USB Thumb Drive quickly and easily transfers patient files and photos from DrQuickLook PDA to PC with included PDA App.

28 LED USB External Light Source


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) Take crisp extraoral images by combining the 8 megapixel autofocus tablet camera with the removable 28 LED USB external light source.  It is flexible, detachable and includes an on/off switch for easy light comparison.  

DrQuickLook PDA Carry Case


(Optional) Travel to multiple offices?  The DrQuickLook PDA Carry Case provides light padding around the device while leaving ample space for accessories.

(Package of 100) Disposable Sheaths for SD and PDA Models


(Note: Package of 100 comes with SD Model and PDA purchase) Easily slides on camera wand, custom made for PDA and SD PLUS Models Provides protective shield while also providing a perfectlyclear image .0005 thick crystal clear and ultra tough cast polypropylene film 8.25 inches long

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for PDA


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) Patients can listen to clinical and patient education videos in privacy, while enjoying excellent sound quality.

Charging Cable and A/C Adapter for DrQuickLook PDA


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) 6ft charging cable with AC adapter

Keyboard - PDA


(Optional) Surface 3 Type Cover has the feel of a fully functioning laptop keyboard. The click-in keyboard comes in black with bright, backlit keys.

Custom Protective Surround Case


(INCLUDES 1 with PDA purchase) Perfect to help prevent damage if dropped. Easy to access plugs for camera wand, USB port, charger port and more. Perfect for docking camera wand. Best of all it’s lightweight and comfortable for patients or staff holding it. Tablet Not Included

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