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Providing a faster approach to case acceptance

Every dental practice is unique and deserves a product that will adapt to the needs of the dentist and staff. Your patients are just as unique in what guides them to accept treatment and gain trust.  
So why settle for a product that not only expects your practice to adapt to its needs but also only offers one tool of many to educate and compel patients to accept treatment?    
The DrQuickLook Chairside PDA Tablet offers a complete system of care that is portable, easy to use, educational and fun! Includes pre-loaded foolproof software, 2MP intraoral camera, 8MP back camera, protective surround, IC and post op videos, optional patient education videos and a fully functional Windows 10 Tablet for unlimited use in office or connect to the internet if you desire, and so much more. It's the best deal in the industry and backed by a caring team of people you can rely on!

"DrQuickLook offers an easy to use and visually pleasant method to explain the procedure and problems to patients."

"It has increased my business significantly."

Dr. David Metzdorf, Jr DDS Fairfax, VA

Works independently or with your present office technology

Review with staff, hygienists and peer-to-peer consultations

Review with parent in waiting room

Display images on any monitor

Provides a suite of features that allows an increased level of patient care

Nothing is more powerful for case acceptance than patients holding their dental problems in their own hands

Use Quad View to review multple treatments

Draw on and image to identify issues for review with patients and claims

Use the DrQuickLook PDA Tablet to educate patients and protect your practice. 

Upgrade the PDA Chairside Tablet to include
over 60 patient education videos
High definition patient education videos are perfect for consistent, reliable information.
Every PDA Tablet includes clinical videos in

English and Spanish

Protect yourself with legally consistent informed consents and post-op videos. Includes matching documents to sign.

Works right out of the box with pre-loaded, easy to use software. We provide complimentary customer support and remote access when needed.

Transfer to ANY practice software or wi-fi to network

1 Year full warranty

Free lifetime updates and remote access customer support

Wand magnetically docks

Three-way, adjustable built-in kickstand

Ports are easily accessible

Durable plastic surround

Take crisp images while the patient holds the PDA for instant recognition

2 MP intraoral camera with freeze, zoom, save and LED buttons

Patient holds the tablet and staff uses a finger rest for crisp, clear images, every time. Both patient and staff see the screen

8MP auto focus back camera is a big plus 

28 LED USB light source

Flexible, detachable

8 megapixel autofocus tablet camera combined with a removable 28 LED USB external light source 

Database is easy and quick when finding or adding patients

Use your present software or network to permanently save or use the PDA Tablet data base - Your practice, your rules.

Password protected find a patient with one-touch search feature

Save to ALL types of practice software

Transfer patients to ANY computer with or without practice software at your convenience

The PDA Tablet database stores patients by name and is pin code protected. Save tens of thousands of images. Transfer if needed, email, print, enhance and so much more.

It's so EASY!

Images are ready for use

Print images for patients to take home

E-mail images to patients for reference

  • E-mail to specialists or referring dentists for permanent record

  • Attach images to insurance claims for faster payment

  • Show patients images on revisits and add more

  • Reduce liability with better documentation

What kind of dental practice are you? 

Dr. Clark, co-founder of DrQuickLook and a practicing dentist of over 35 years explains how easy and fast the PDA Tablet will adapt to your unique office.


Click on the video that best describes your present office technology 

Traditional Office
0-2 main computers
Not using intraoral cameras currently
Want to increase the level of patient case acceptance and care without any down time, training or costly upgrades
Advanced Office
Have computers throughout the office on a shared network
Frustrated with traditional intraoral cameras and flawed software
Have practice software and prefer submitting e-ins. claims with images
Hi-Tech Office
You have it all but could use a portable, cost effective soluton
Appreciate the power of patients holding their problems in their own hands
Understand the value of case acceptance and practice protection

Bonus Features

Convert traditional x-ray films to digital images then transfer for documentation 

Wireless headsets for private listening

Onboard speakers if your patient prefers

Includes the 10.8" Fully featured Microsoft Windows tablet

Exit the imaging software and use the fully featured Windows tablet for office use or the internet:

Patient financing sites such as Care Credit or Lending Club

Dental sites such as 




So much more based on your own imagination


Optional keyboard

Optional carry case

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