INCLUDED with Chairside PDA Tablet Quality informed consent and post ops videos.

Included at no extra charge are high quality videos for informed consents and post-op instructions for extractions, endodontics and implants are designed to deliver consistency and save staff valuable time. Informative instructions for your TMJ sufferers, and temporary crowns are also included. 

  • Included are matching documents to be signed, they are indispensable for every practice. Consistently! Done right!


  • Informed Consent - Extraction
  • Informed Consent - Implant
  • Informed Consent - Root Canal
  • Temp Crown Info
  • Post-op Extraction
  • Post-Op Implant
  • Post-Op Root Canal
  • TMJ Info


  • Consentimiento Informado - Extracción
  • Consentimiento Informado - Implante
  • Consentimiento Informado - Canal raíz
  • Instrucciones para Coronas y Puentes Provisorios
  • Postoperatorio Extracción
  • Postoperatorio Implante
  • Postoperatorio Canal raíz
  • Tratamiento Conservador para los Pacientes de ATM

Consider the following scenario involving an extraction:

  • Patient presents for extraction
  • Patient views informed consent video
  • Further info and questions answered
  • Patient signs matching informed consent
  • Treatment rendered
  • Patient views post-op video
  • Further info and questions answered
  • Patient signs included post-op form
  • Take home post-op form delivered

DrQuickLook PDA delivers the highest level of care in a consistent manner while saving you time chair side, and by reducing follow up appointments.

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