DrQuickLook PDA Tablet

Take advantage of images to illustrate non-routine issues for the benefit of referring dentists and patients.

Most Endodontists are terrific about furnishing the referring dentist an x-ray of the completed endo and a short narrative.  Cases that are not routine can take advantage of images to show the referring dentist and the patient exactly what the issue is.  That large fracture line exposed at the time of endodontic access, for example, can be reviewed for treatment decisions.  Our high def patient education videos are perfect for consistent, reliable information.  We have informed consents and post-op endodontic vides with matching documents for the patients to sign.

Root Canal Finished

Use the DrQuickLook PDA Tablet to educate patients and protect your practice 

Upgrade the PDA Chairside Tablet to include
over 60 patient education videos
High definition patient education videos are perfect for consistent, reliable information.
Every PDA Tablet includes clinical videos in

English and Spanish

Protect yourself with legally consistent informed consents and post-op videos. Includes matching documents to sign.
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