DrQuickLook Works Out Of The Box!

Pre-Installed Software and Ready to go.

  • Save tens of thousands of images by Name and DOB on the PDA Tablet.
  • One touch search to find saved patients on PDA Tablet to review, add or delete images.
  • Includes 10.8" fully functional Windows Tablet for other uses around the office.
  • Protective surround protects the tablet and reduces risk of damage if dropped.
  • Intraoral camera wand docks magnetically to top of unit or just unplug it when not in use.
  • Patients hold the tablet while you do the imaging with the IOC in hand. Your patients take ownership of their dental issues more rapidly.
  • Clean with Caviwipes or other disinfectants.

No Extra Software Needed

The Ultimate Case Acceptance System

  • STOP struggling with traditional intraoral cameras that require software integration, long USB cords, poor monitor location and lost time. 
  • Simple to use; Save and show patients clear, crisp images.
  • Draw on images and save for documentation. 
  • Quad view for before, during and after treatment images.
  • Capture extraoral images and head shots with back 8MP tablet camera.



Transfer to Windows or Mac Computers 

Don't Worry it's EASY

  • Using practice software? Store thousands of patients in the PDA or if needed transfer one or all patient files with included thumb drive directly into ANY patient's electronic chart in seconds, no matter what practice software you use now.  Show Diagram
  • Wi-Fi to a shared network. Create a permanent "DrQuickLook folder" in your shared network and transfer with thumb drive or Wi-Fi. Create a short cut on every desktop in the entire office and open patient files instantly. NO software issues, ever! Show Diagram
  • Only have one computer? Perfect!  Create a "DrQuickLook" folder in "My Documents" and transfer with thumb drive for permanent storage by patient name. Show Diagram
  • Save images by name on the PDA Tablet. Add or delete images anytime, store them on the PDA forever or delete patients after transfer.
  • Once transferred, print for paper chart or patient, email to anyone, submit with insurance claims and more.
  • SUPER EASY, but if you need help just call 1-888-346-6153.


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Included with PDA Tablet

Informed Consents And Post-Op Videos In English and Spanish SAVE Time and Protect your Practice.

  • Clinical videos and matching documents for patients to sign for common procedures such as endodontics, extractions and implants.
  • Matching post-op videos reduce follow up time. Matching support forms are included for patients to sign off and take home.
  • Relieve staff and ensure that all patients receive the same, consistent explanation... every time!

See Included Clinical Videos and Watch One

Optional Patient Education Videos

So more... Say YES

  • Secure treatment acceptance with over 60 high-definition videos on general dental procedures, oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics and more. 
  • Comes with wireless headset or use the superb on-board speakers.
  • Patients feel more confident trusting a diagnosis when they can observe the causes and implications through their own eyes.

Preview Optional Patient Education Videos

Fully Functional Microsoft Surface Tablet

Connect with office Wi-Fi or network 

The PDA Tablet comes with Windows 10 and can also be used as a regular Wi-Fi tablet. Use it for anything in the office, like any other tablet on the market. Add your own APPS and more. 

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