Intraoral Camera and Tablet Combination System

Nothing in the world is easier!

works out of the box. Learn to use in minutes!

Get to know the PDA by watching the video below

  • Works Out Of The Box with NO Integration:  Patients hold it and take ownership of their dental issues. Patient acceptance soars when they see what you see! 
  • All In One: Tablet and Camera comes preloaded with touch screen software with patient database that stores thousands of images.
  • Yes Transfer, or not - If needed import images to ANY computer or ANY patient file in ANY practice software. It's EASY!
  • ROI: Guaranteed to pay for itself in days. Patients always say yes to treatment.

The PDA qualifies for the DQL Protection Membership! 

PDA - 10.8" Tablet & Intraoral Camera Combo


  • Works out of the box - no training required - Save thousands of patients in tablet database.
  • 2MP Intraoral Camera for crisp, clear images and 8MP back camera for facial recognition and extraoral imaging.

  • Save images by name and review them on the tablet with patients, chairside.

  • Quickly print - transfer JPEG images to ANY patient file in ANY PMS or ANY single computer without PMS.

  • On 10.8" screen show single images, use quad view, draw on images and more

  • Clinical videos, informed consents and matching forms included

Add Over 60 Patient Education Videos to Your PDA for Only $400 More

Full access to over 60 patient education videos in a wide range of important topics such as:

  • Tooth decay, periodontal disease, root canals and extractions
  • Implants and other options
  • Cosmetic procedures and preventative measures
  • Orthodontic problems, procedures and maintenance
  • Kids

Add Patient Education Videos

One-time charge - No recurring fees!

more integration-free models

Sd Plus intraoral camera with 5" touch screen


  • Works out of the box -no training required
  • Save images on the SD card and review with patients
  • No saving by name or internal database
  • Transfer with SD card to any practice software or single computer
  • Charge it overnight and use it all day
  • Includes 30 patient education videos

Original viewer with 3.5" screen


  • Perfect for a quick "Show and Tell"
  • 1.3 MP camera with freeze and zoom
  • Show one image a time
  • Does NOT save any images
  • Charge it overnight and use it all day
  • No saving or transferring available

30 day risk-free trial begins when delivered to your practice or after installation.  If you're unhappy for any reason during the trial period, simply contact us for a full refund.