Intraoral Camera and Tablet Combination System

PDA - 10.8" Tablet & Intraoral Camera Combo


  • Works out of the box - no training required - Save thousands of patients in tablet database.
  • 2MP Intraoral Camera for crisp, clear images and 8MP back camera for facial recognition and extraoral imaging.

  • Save images by name and review them on the tablet with patients, chairside.

  • Quickly print - transfer JPEG images to ANY patient file in ANY PMS or ANY single computer without PMS.

  • On 10.8" screen show single images, use quad view, draw on images and more

  • Clinical videos, informed consents and matching forms included

Intraoral Camera & Viewer Combo 3.5" screen $399.00

Features: Works right out of the box. Just turn it ON!

  • Ultimate "Show and Tell" unit
  • Freeze and Zoom image, 1.3MP Camera
  • Show one image a time
  • Does not save any images
  • Recharge it overnight and use it all day
  • No saving or transferring available

30 day risk-free trial begins when delivered to your practice.