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"Like most of us, I have a drawer full of cameras that never get used (both intra- and extra- oral cameras). The main reason is because they are all cumbersome to hook up the computer to show the patient. After all, we know what we are looking at — the challenge is showing the patient what we are looking at. DrQuickLook offers an easy to use and visually pleasant method to explain the procedure and problems to patients. It has increased my business significantly. It makes the patients more comfortable and knowledgeable about the procedure. Best of all, my employees are comfortable taking the photographs. Afterwards, I just come and explain what we are looking at. It’s been an invaluable tool in our office."

Dr. David Metzdorf, Jr DDS Fairfax, VA

"I was looking for an intraoral camera when I found DrQuickLook. I bought one and 3 days later I bought another one. I want to express my sincere satisfaction with these units. They really are amazing and sell dentistry like crazy! They are easy to use an actually show a patient a crack or fracture in their tooth that they can see and understand why the tooth has to be treated. The first day we had our first unit we sold 7 crowns and after about 8 or 9 days of use we had produced an additional $10,000 of dentistry that I don't think we would have sold without DrQuickLook. I would highly recommend their use in every day dental practice."

David A. Panzer DDS,  Morganton, NC

“I spoke with you at the Hinman Meeting relative to DrQuicklook™. My experience has been: First: It’s Quick! Second: Patient looks and understands their problem! Third: Patient accepts your treatment recommendation normally with few questions or discussion! It is simple, quick and one of the best investments I have ever made that helps the patient understand recommended treatment.”

Philip E. Turner, D.D.S. Shelby, NC

“My staff and I enjoy educating our patients and with the DrQuickLook™, it is incredibly quick and easy. I never have to ask my hygienists to use it because they do it without being prompted. TALKING to a patient about their dental health sometimes gets through to them, but SHOWING them a picture is when they actually comprehend what I am saying. Patients do not wait to schedule back when they SEE the fracture or crack in their tooth. After viewing the image on the DrQuickLook™ they are as concerned about their condition as I am!”

Stephanie L. Sommer, D.D.S., Versailles, OH

“I was the first one to use the DrQuickLook™ in my office right after it was fully charged. I really didn’t even know how to use it; but figured it out showing it to my first patient that day. Two seemingly small fillings on the same tooth revealed cracks undermining two of her cusps. So I used DrQuickLook™ to show her why a crown was now indicated instead of a filling. She saw. She accepted. No hassle!”

Jeffrey R. Prager, DDS, D.ACSDD, Diplomate, Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines CA

“I want you to know how pleased I have been with DrQuickLook™ from the moment I opened the box. It was very easy to get started with absolutely no training required. My dental assistants, hygienist, and I were comfortable immediately. I use it multiple times each day in the office and my case acceptance rate has soared! When patients see their problem they understand it is their problem and they want it taken care of. Additionally, when I do a tour of the mouth, patients see things they don’t like and this also generates more treatment. Patients want to look good! It is so easy to use DrQuickLook™ that I simply got rid of one of my two intraoral cameras. DrQuickLook™ enhances my practice every day.”

Dr. Robert Fields, Van Nuys, CA

“Just a moment ago, while I was waiting for a patient to “numb up”, I noticed a couple of teeth with large restorations that had obvious crack lines. I stepped into the next room, took the DrQuickLook™ off the wall and showed the gentleman the fractures. He asked me what he should do and I told him he could wait until they cracked deeper and became symptomatic (possibly needing endo before the crown), or he could plan on putting a nice porcelain crown over the tooth this year. He asked if he could think about it, but from the look on his face when he saw that crack, he’ll be back soon. This has happened almost every time we use the DrQuickLook™. I’m still blown away by its ease of use, practicality, and portability. Thanks for making a communications tool with the small town practitioner in mind.”

Robert D. Thomas, D.D.S.

"I can not practice quality dentistry without my DrQuickLook. I probably use it 10-20 times a day. It has enhanced my diagnostic skills as well as allowed me to communicate much easier with my patients and the specialists that I refer to.
Here is a list of the number of ways I use DrQuickLook:
1-  I frequently take a before and after picture of the teeth being treated to show the patient (we get a lot of WOWS!). 
2-  It allows me to explain where decay or a crack is by actually showing the picture to the patient and 'drawing' on screen.
3-  I frequently take a picture of an x-ray so I can enhance and enlarge it allowing me to show the patient any pathology present and 'draw' on the screen to make it clearer. 
4-  I frequently save images of pictures and x-rays to my computer to either email to insurance companies or specialists I refer to. My oral surgeons really like this as I can 'draw' on an x-ray to highlight an area, save that image, and send it to them along with the unaltered x-ray.
5-  When using DrQuickLook, we frequently hear from patients that we 'are so up to date with our technology.' (I actually have one foot in the digital age and one foot in analog. This device allows me to be digital when I choose to be. I have been in practice for 33 yrs).
6-  I feel because DrQuickLook is so mobile and easy to use, we use it more often. Therefore more patients want and get the treatment they need.
7-  Since the images are stored until we erase them, I can decide later in the day which ones I want to keep and discard.
So as you see, DrQuickLook has become a 'staple' for us just like using my mirror and explorer.  We love it!"

Dr. Albert Singletary, Crystal Springs, MS

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